Friday, February 17, 2012

Super Muscular Woman - Yelena Alexandrovna Panova, Russia

Elena A Panova, often Elena Panova (born April 26, 1979) is a professional female bodybuilder from Voronezh, Russia.

Elena graduated from the Voronezh State Technical University with a master degree in Public Relations. She began training to lose weight in 1998. Generally it was step aerobics at that time. Elena decided to become a bodybuilder after attending a local bodybuilding contest where she got a very good impression of the competitors. She was also inspired by the magazines with well known female bodybuilders as Lenda Murray, Cory Everson and Juliette Bergmann on their covers. In 2004 Elena changed her career and became a personal trainer. In winter 2006 Elena moves to Moscow and works there at one of the leading fitness center.

In 2003 Elena competed in her first contest FBFR Southern Russia Third Championship "Samson 22", finishing in sixth place. In 2004 Panova suffered a car crash injury and was not able to train and compete for a year. In 2005 she took second place at the WFF-WBBF Russia Amateur Championship. In 2006 Elena earned her professional status at WFF-WBBF Europe Pro Championship, finishing in fourth place. Her greatest success as a professional has been the second place at the WFF-WBBF World Pro Championship 2007 and 2008.

After 2009 WFF-WBBF Pro World Championships Elena Panova holds fourth position in World Professional Ranking List (Women).