Monday, January 9, 2012

Sexy Muscular Woman - April Hunter, American professional wrestler

April Hunter (born September 24, 1974) is an American professional wrestler, professional wrestling valet and fitness and glamour model. She has appeared in many publications, from MuscleMag International to Playboy Magazine and even has her own comic book series, Code Red by Pickle Press.

In 1999 after Hunter appeared in Playboy, she was hired by World Championship Wrestling (WCW) as a member of the nWo girls. Along with four other models (Tylene Buck, Kim Kanner (Shakira), Midajah and Pamela Paulshock), she accompanied members of the nWo to ringside for their matches.

Hunter is of German, Scottish & Italian descent. She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but moved to Enterprise, Alabama with her father when her parents divorced. Before entering the world of professional wrestling, Hunter worked as a fitness model. She placed in Ms. Fitness Philadelphia and Ironwoman Tri-Fitness in Tampa FL. She also worked as a Playboy model and Met-RX spokesperson.

On August 30, 2006, Hunter married Canadian wrestler, Jordan Danyluk (known as J.D. Maverick) in Las Vegas, Nevada. They first met at a wrestling show in December 2005 and were engaged after Valentine's Day in 2006.

She studied photography at the New England School of Photography. She also runs her own small business.